Bitola Workshop - Bitola


- Agenda w

-   Why a NQF for the higher education sector in RM? - M-r. Snezana Bilic-Sotiroska, MoES ppt

- Project objectives, activities and outcomes - Prof. D-r. Elizabeta Bahtovska, UKLO ppt

- Learning outcomes and competences as points of convergence between EQF and NQF - Prof. D-r. Janerik Lundquist, University of Linkoping, Sweden ppt

- Development of a NQF for higher education from a European perspective - Prof. D-r. Volker Gehmlich, University of Applied Sciences - Osnabruck ppt

-  Draft level descriptors for the three cycles of the HE in RM, Prof. D-r. Zamir Dika,  SEEU ppt